Oribe Styling Signature Gel Serum 150ml - luxury gel/serum

Oribe Styling Signature Gel Serum 150ml - luxury gel/serum

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Oribe Styling Signature Gel Serum 150ml - luxury gel/serum
Forget what you know about gel.
This magical 'potion', with light-reflecting gold dust, containing moisturising agents, has a sophisticated hold effect, expressed in shine and elasticity.
For a splendid "Hollywood Style" crease, ultra-shiny and supple.
For a refined look or a controlled crop.
Formulated without Parabens and without Sodium Chloride.
How to Use

Start with a small amount, emulsify with your hands.
Apply evenly to damp hair, dry with a hair dryer and a round brush.
For a refined look, a controlled gathered hairstyle, apply to dry hair and style to your liking.
Can also be used with a set of curlers, designed to create large curls.




Flexible and shiny hold
Serum and gel simultaneously
Protects from heat sources
Gold dust reflects the light


For an invisible yet conditioning hold.
For natural texture, shine and radiance.

Technical Characteristics
A Novel Conditioning Polymer combines the properties of a conditioner with those of a styling agent, simultaneously providing control, conditioning, curl retention, shine and body.
Creatine smoothes hair while protecting from damage caused by brushing, flat-ironing and blow-drying.
Corn, Wheat and Soy Microproteins are antiaging and moisturizing actives that repair, strengthen and protect from within.
Silk-Derived Glycoprotein forms a moisturizing and protective coating that imparts a long-lasting silky finish.
High-Tech Light-Reflective Gold Pearl leaves a sophisticated sheen.
Advanced Polymer protects from mechanical and thermal styling damage caused by brushing and blow-drying