Orofluido Conditioner 200ml - Hydrating Oil Conditioner

Orofluido Conditioner 200ml - Hydrating Oil Conditioner

Brand: Orofluido   -  Product Code: 364121   -  EAN: 8432225080895
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Orofluido Conditioner 200ml

Silkiness, lightness and extraordinary brilliance
Daily Codnitioner with rinse hair soft and shiny. The beauty of Orofluido pyramid consists of three natural oils - Argan, Cyperus and flax seeds - in combination with active ingredients and UVA / UVB broad spectrum filters, which seal the pigments inside the hair fiber and give a color access and long-lasting. The use of this moisturizing treatment makes them easier to untangle hair, giving it flexibility, smoothness and handling.
It offers perfect protection from the heat to keep the hair in the best condition. Formulas pH balanced to seal the hair cuticle to make them more resistant and promote color retention.
No added parabens.

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