Previa Extra Life Energising Shampoo 250ml

Previa Extra Life Energising Shampoo 250ml

Brand: Previa   -  Product Code: HG010239   -  EAN: 8032993668136
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Energizing hair-loss prevention* shampoo and scalp stimulator.Gently cleans the scalp leaving it soft and invigorated.
Reinforces hair shaft, adding body and volume to hair.

pH: 5 – 6

Caffeine – awakens hair roots and stimulates re-growth.
Lavender Oil - purifying, relaxing and invigorating..
Nettle extract – vitamin and mineral supplement. Strengthens and stimulates hair growth.
Red vine extract – astringent and reinvigorating.
Fruit alpha hydroxys- keratolytic action, weaken the links between the dead cells, simplifying the removal
and leaving the skin fresher, supple and young.
Glicolic Acid – renders skin soft and velvety.
Lactic Acid – hydrating.
Citric Acid – elasticising.Panthenol – shine and elasticity. Naturally emulsifying; repairs hair damage caused my atmospheric agents and
UV rays by penetrating inside the hair rendering it hydrated and nourished with long lasting effects. Restores
100% the correct level of moisture, giving hair softness, elasticity and shine.
Tea Tree Oil – anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: apply to damp hair and massage thoroughly. Leave on for 3-5 minutes and rinse.
Repeat if necessary

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