Previa Keeping After Color Shampoo 250ml

Previa Keeping After Color Shampoo 250ml

Brand: Previa   -  Product Code: HG010228   -  EAN: 8032993668068
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Previa Keeping After Color Shampoo 250ml

Colour preserving shampoo/coloured hair it gently cleanses, moisturises and glosses the hair,
prolonging the colour and enhancing the reflections. paraben free

pH: 4 – 5


Sles & dea free – gentle wash action which respects the scalp, hair and environment. it neutralises and
eliminates excess dye pigments.
Green tea/blueberry – vegetable origin antioxidants that act as natural anti free radicals and fix the colour
reducing the loss of dye pigments (fading) and decreasing changes in colour.
Acid ph – reinstates the correct and natural physiological value of the ph, altered by oxidising chimica
reactions of dye ingredients. it closes the hair scales reducing swelling of the fibres and fixing the dye on the hair. The panthenol and glycerine – contribute to reinstating the correct level of hydration.
soy & wheat proteins – provide deep nourishment for fibres.
uv-A and uv-B rays protection against ultraviolet rays which enhances and protects the colour
it contains no colourings.

Cosmetic post-colouring: after rinsing the dye, apply the keeping shampoo and massage gently. then rinse the hair thoroughly. Towel dry the hair slightly before applying the keeping mask after dye conditioner.

Ideal for maintaining the colour. was twice leaving the second shampoo in place for 1 /2 minutes. rinse and towel dry slightly before applying the after dye keeping mask