Previa Silver Blonde Silver Shampoo 250ml
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Previa Silver Blonde Silver Shampoo 250ml

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Shampoo conditioning to eliminate yellow reflections. PH 4-5.
Shampoo suitable for blond hair and gray/white, discolored, with super bright mechès or dyes.
It gently cleanses, contrasts unwanted yellow shades and revives the shine of hair. Softens the fiber, giving light and silk effect.
Active principles
Natural Extract of Mora. (Organic certificate):
The blackberry, thanks to the presence of tannins, is a tonic astringent: it gives new life to hair. It is a fruit rich in trace elements (such as iron, magnesium, calcium, copper, selenium, manganese) and vitamin C that nourish the hair to the root. Its antioxidant, toning and purifying properties make the hair more moisturized, soft, shiny and pleasantly scented.
Hydrolyzed collagen:
Collagen is a protein of the elastic properties and primary structural element of the hair cuticle. In cosmetic treatment for damaged and weak hair, it is used to heal the constituent tissues making it more flexible and soft. The hair is so strong and florid.
Blue pigments:
Hair color is determined by melanin, small colored pigments (blue, red and yellow) whose percentage presence determines the color of the hair. Blue pigments are the ones most easily degradable. Their loss, due to chemical treatments and frequent washing, brings the red and yellow pigment to the light. The presence of blue pigments in the Anti-yellow Conditioning System allows you to turn off golden and yellow-orange reflexes.
Way of use:
Apply on wet hair and emulsify; Massage and rinse. Repeat the operation and act for 1-3 minutes. Rinse.