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Roots - beard care

Our beard, our roots.

Beard and roots are linked by an ancient symbolic bond. The word ‘beard’ or ‘barb’ has a parallel meaning in Latin, designating also the plant root system. Motivated by this striking parallel we investigated the cosmetic and healing properties of roots and their rejuvenating potential for the beard itself, the ‘root’ of men. Roots will fully re-connect you with the energy of nature and the substance of the earth. Respect your own pace and let you beard grow. Sense the warmth, enjoy the protection. Rediscover your personality, follow your inner nature....
Back to the roots.
Roots, pure power.
Roots revolutionizes the concept of beard grooming through the vital force of roots: nourishment, vigour and styling direct from the underground. Roots are a pure concentration of energy; they sustain and reinforce growth. Rich in water, minerals and vitamins, roots are life in potential. Roots serves you and your beard releasing the power of the underground.