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Roots Underground Zingiber Energizing beard balm 50ml

Roots Underground Zingiber Energizing beard balm 50ml

Brand: Roots   -  Product Code: HG012390   -  EAN: 8004347127422
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Zingiber Officinale (Ginger) Energizing balm. 
Conditions all beards and tame the wildest ones. Particularly recommended to shape and soften long beards, balms counteract frizz and rehydrate the driest of skin. If you’re into beard grooming, our balms are your best allies! They combine a natural, non-invasive treatment with a strong hold.

INGREDIENTS. Karité, Cocoa, Argan and Jojoba natural butters constitute the balm base. Ginger extracts provide specific properties and effects.
Employed in Asian medicine for thousands of years, Zingiber Officinale is a powerful anti-oxidant and male aphrodisiac. Characterized by its fresh yet spicy scent, our Ginger Roots tones your beard with energizing power. As a hot spice, Ginger stimulates peripheral blood flow and the production of beard hair follicles. An extraordinary antiseptic, Ginger Roots purifies both your beard and skin. A natural antioxidant and rich in vitamin E, Ginger is also recommended as an anti-aging remedy or to treat acne and stressed skin.

USE. After cleansing your beard with our Ginseng Soap, pat dry and apply. Soften some balm between your fingers and distribute evenly from the neck upwards. Massage and work into the skin until absorbed. Use a brush for more defined styling.
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