Tecna Make up Color Primer Smart Colour Balm 3OR light copper 200ml

Tecna Make up Color Primer Smart Colour Balm 3OR light copper 200ml

Brand: Tecna   -  Product Code: HG010023
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Unleash your creativity with Color Primer Hair! 
Provocative, trendy and at the same time moisturizing and brightening, Color Primer can become your ally to change your look whenever you want, or to recharge your color. It's a direct dye that instantly creates dynamic effects and personalized colors. Conditioning cream that has a dual action: reflection and recharging the color. Moisturizing base that protects the hair by leaving it soft and easy to work during the drying. Quick action, 3/15 minutes. 

COOL - To create effects on some locks. 
DYNAMIC glamour-chic - to create complete color changing effects 
ENERGETIC - To maintain strong color intensity between a service and another 
BOOST - To intensify its color 

SIMPLE AND MODULAR - With Neutral Color Primer can modulate the intensity of the other nuances to get infinite effects. 
CHARMING - Due to its potential glamour is an original and sparkling service in the hair room. It can become contagious because it attracts attention and stimulates the desire to dare. 
QUICK - It's a very fast service to be performed in the hair room with amazing results in terms of reflections and softness.
TECHNICAL - the potential of the product, combined with the creativity of the hairdresser, allows the salon to distinguish and offer extremely appealing services. 

URBAN BLACK: BK1 (Black) - BL1 (blue) - GR1 (Green) 
PURPLE Potions: PR1 (purple) - PR2 (fuchsia) - PR3 (plum) 
RED HOT CHILI: RH1 (deep red) - RH2 (bright red) - RH3 (red-orange) 
ORANGE CHOPPER: OR1 (natural copper) - OR2 (copper on) - OR3 (light copper) 

- Panthenol is very important for your hair. A lack of this vitamin is readily apparent, because the hair tends to become opaque, lose shine and progressively vitality. In addition to well-known moisturizing properties, panthenol is also indicated for the emollient and soothing activity. 
Hydrolized keratin - The hydrolyzed keratin provides moisturizing benefits for both hair and skin. When you apply on the hair a reconditioner protein is essential that the keratin contained in it, can be incorporated into its structure and it is necessary that this is hydrolyzed (broken down chemically or enzymatically) in units of minor grain size. 
Amino acids - mixture of amino acids extracted from wheat proteins processed by hydrolysis. Their function is to condition and protect hair and skin. Their low molecular weight, allows a better penetration into the hair. 

Create glamour-chic effects:
 After bleaching some sections up to a tone height of 10 (or 9 for the nuances and RH OR), wash your hair, apply on bleached areas the nuance chosen from Smart Colour Balm. Leave on for 3 to 5 minutes. Rinse well. Recharge or color retention: After shampooing, apply on hair the nuance chosen from Smart Colour Balm. Leave on for 3 to 5 minutes. Rinse thoroughly. 

Always wear gloves. 
Avoid applying the product directly on the skin. 
After the application it is recommended to use Colour Stay Shampoo.
All nuances can be mixed with Smart Colour Balm Neutral (N) - Base Soothing nuances to create pastel tones. Example:

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