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Tecna NCC Catalyst 35 vol. 10% 750ml

Tecna NCC Catalyst 35 vol. 10% 750ml

Brand: Tecna   -  Product Code: 1221
£28.00 £24.99
CATALYST are special oxidative liquids to use with a coloring system or with Natural Choice Colors bleaching powders. Available in 2 volumes. They develop pigmentation, regulate the bleaching and the covering of white hair for a long time. They rebalance the coloring formula's pH and protect scalp during the leave on time. CATALYST products are compact jellies that do not trickle.
- Acid pH 2,5 for the pH rebalancing of the coloring product. 
- Catalyst 35 >. It facilitates the holding of red colors and bleaching products and enhances the bleaching effect.
- 3 bleaching levels.
- Use on colored hair to blend tonalities.
- Keratin aminoacids

- Collagen. 

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