Tecna Teabase aromatherapy Clarifying complex 100ml

Tecna Teabase aromatherapy Clarifying complex 100ml

Brand: Tecna   -  Product Code: 1071   -  EAN: 8388766071598
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is a specific complex with a controlling action on an excessive oil production.
It functions as a plant tampon.
It rebalances and purifies your scalp, and removes scums thanks to its antifungal action.
It normalizes excessive sebum with its essential oils and vitamins.
It naturally rebalances the excessive sebum secretion.
It can act on the deepest scalp layers if you combine its composition with a specific massage at the hairdresser.

sebum normalizing action for fatty scalp and hair. It rebalances the hydrolipid layer.
Anti-hair loss action. It stimulates the cellular replacement and the growth of new hair.
Simple and quick to apply. Leave-in formula. Rebalancing antifungal action.

INGREDIENTS: essential oils, Tea Tree Oil, proteins.

USE: apply after the specific treatment with Aromatic conditioner. Apply on scalp and massage with a rotatory movement. Leave-in.

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