Tecna Teabase aromatherapy Energetic complex 100ml - energetic treatment

Tecna Teabase aromatherapy Energetic complex 100ml - energetic treatment

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is an energetic complex made of essential oils and vitamins, especially created to revitalize your weakened hair and to stimulate the vascularization of blood.
With its energetic supply and its skin oxygenation, it helps in creating the best conditions for the growth of new hair, and prevents hair loss.
Its composition, mixed with a specific massage of a professional hairstylist, is able to oxygen the deeper layers of scalp, giving to your hair energy and well-being.

energizing and stimulating action for weakened hair. It rebalances the hydrolipid layer.
Adjuvant to prevent hair loss.
It stimulates the cellular replacement and the growth of new hair.
It is simply and easy to apply. Leave-in formula. Antifungal and oxygenizing action.

INGREDIENTS: essential oils, Tea Tree Oil, active vitamins.

Apply after the specific treatment with Aromatic conditioner.
Apply on scalp and massage gently with a turning movement. Leave-in.

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