Tecna Teabase aromatherapy Herbal care shampoo 500ml
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Tecna Teabase aromatherapy Herbal care shampoo 500ml

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HERBAL CARE SHAMPOO is a specific cleanser with a cleansing action suitable for all types of dandruff and cutaneous peelings. Its composition rich of hydrolyzed vitamins and mild cleansing agents makes your hair easier to comb. Thanks to its proteins it is suitable also for treated and damaged hair. Its specific composition sanitizes your scalp and removes all the types of dandruff. It is also suitable for long hair thanks to hydrolyzed proteins.
BENEFITS: energizing action for weak and worn out hair. It stimulates the micro flow. It rebalances the hydrolipid layer and makes your hair easier to comb and brighter. It stimulates the cellular replacement and the growth of new hair. Antifungal and rebalancing action.
INGREDIENTS: essential oils, Tea Tree Oil, essential proteins.
USE: apply on wet hair and massage gently. Rinse off and repeat if necessary. Go on with the next treatment.