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Tigi Bed Head Manipulator Matte 57gr - matte wax with massive hold

Tigi Bed Head Manipulator Matte 57gr - matte wax with massive hold

Brand: Tigi   -  Product Code: HG010107   -  EAN: 615908424263
£15.90 £10.99
Strong hold wax Matte
Beeswax: Creates texture and structure between the fibers of the hair. Matte finish with strong hold with a natural light effect.
Styling polymers: Set the style with a thin layer, shape to maintain the texture. Long and tight control of styling; lightens and defines.
Synthetic lanolin: has the function of micro sponge that retains water. Protects your style humidity, for sealing and long-lasting texture.
Comparison with Manipulator
Original Manipulator New Manipulator Matte
Thickening fiber modelling paste
Fragrance: Ananacoco
Benefits: Texture and flexible hold
Hold: strong
Texture and definition: Maximum
Finish: Neutral
How to use:
Work the fiber paste into hair, wet, or dry and complete styling.
The more layers, the more the texture obtained!
Dry your hair with a hairdryer or naturally.
Fiber strong hold wax
Fragrance: Ananacoco
Benefits: long-lasting hold
Dry and matte finish
Hold: strong
Texture and definition: Maximum
Finish: Matte

How to use:
Work the wax into hair, wet or dry and complete styling.
CREATIVE TEAM COCKTAIL: Small Talk Manipulator Matte, for a charge of volume and a matte finish.
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